" I enjoy working with Sam and Connie and they always do a great job for us every time. "

Austin Robinson
Area Director, Gaston County Fellowship of Christian Athletes


It’s a digital world and today’s technology produces stunningly realistic color. We used to make copies. Just put an original on the glass, punch in a quantity and press start. Today’s copiers are more sophisticated, offering remarkable quality, color, and speed. Now we call these machines digital presses. Digital printing is a cost-effective option for low to medium volume orders, because it skips many time-consuming and expensive steps of traditional offset printing. Digital printing also offers more flexibility for customization, including variable data mailings. It is a great choice for short runs of binders, booklets, post cards, and flyers.

Offset printing is the most economical choice for high volume orders because a large portion of the cost in printing is on the front end. A typical offset print run begins at 500 and the per piece price decreases as the quantity increases, making it ideal for large print orders. Offset printing also offers more paper choices than digital printing and, with the pantone matching system (PMS), the ink options are almost endless.

How it works
A plate is made that contains the image to be printed. If multiple colors are being used, there will be a plate for each color. Each plate is mounted on a separate cylinder on the press. Once the press is set up, ink is added to each cylinder unit. Paper is fed through the press, as the cylinders rotate the inked image is transferred to a rubber cylinder and then onto the paper. During the process, a small amount of water is applied to the plates to keep ink from getting onto the areas of the plate that don’t contain an image. When the ink is dry the paper can be cut to its’ final size, folded, or boxed for delivery.

Because of the labor and expense involved in setting the press up to print (it takes the same amount of materials and time to get a press ready to print 100 pieces as it does for 10,000 pieces), it is cost prohibitive to use offset printing for short runs. This is also the reason there is a huge savings when ordering in volume, you incur the same setup charge no matter the size of your order.

The name says it all, its main purpose is to support large scale print areas such as signs, banners, and displays. Large format printing is an attention-grabbing way to promote your event, products, or services.

Make a huge impression with large signs, posters, trade show backdrops, retractable banners, store front signs, window graphics, aluminum signs, tents, pole banners, coroplast signs, menu boards, vehicle magnets, and more.

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Gatlin Graphics provides high quality marketing materials to promote any business or organization. Whether you need something as basic as flyers, brochures, and post cards or high-end presentation folders, custom decals, and stationery. Gatlin Graphics will help you create a printed piece that is attractive and professional. We can also assist you with EDDM and variable data mailings. We’re here to ensure your satisfaction and the RESULTS of your marketing investments.