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2021 Promotional Product Trends

2021 Promotional Product Trends
The new year has finally arrived, we are all relieved to close the book on 2020. As we usher in 2021, organizations looking for creative ways to connect customers and employees to their brand, are relying on custom merchandise more than ever.

Promotional products provide a connection between people and brand that is so important in this era of social distancing, remote work and virtual everything. A great promotional piece has the potential to engage, and endear customers: the trick is finding products people will actually want to keep!

2021 trends will continue where 2020 left off. Many employees will continue to work from home until a larger section of the population has been vaccinated and the virus is better under control. Students will continue remote learning in combination with some in-person classes and social distancing and face masks are here to stay for the time being.

Products tailored to working from home will continue to be in demand. Items like pens, notebooks, mugs and other drinkware, and mouse pads. Tech and mobile work place products will continue to be top sellers; phone accessories, chargers, earbuds, and other wireless technology. Along with wellness and fitness items, and self-care products; yoga mats, lip balm, lotions, and more. Comfy embroidered athleisure apparel styles will continue to be popular with those working from home.

Hand sanitizer is now more widely available than it was at the beginning of the pandemic, but it will continue to be a part of our “new normal”. Like it or not, PPE and health/safety related products are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Many experts are predicting that most face-to-face events won’t return to normal until sometime in 2022. Face masks, sanitizers and other PPE-related promo items will be hot sellers for many years to come. When in-person events do begin to ramp back up, PPE-related swag will be key to helping people feel safe.

Eco-Friendly promo products remain popular. Customers like to do business with companies that share their values. Whether it is products that are made from recycled materials or items that are reusable and long lasting, show your clients you care about the environment. Popular earth-friendly promotional items include: tote bags, backpacks, note books and journals, sports bottles, and apparel.

Promo Ideas For All Occasions
• Work From Home Accessories
• Wellness and Fitness
• Self Care
• Branded Facemasks and Hand Sanitizers
• Eco-Friendly Products
• Custom Bluetooth Speakers
• Custom Headphones and Custom Earbuds
• Phone Chargers and Power Banks
• Custom Hoodies and Jackets
• Custom Drinkware (Mugs, Water Bottles and more)
• Custom Hats and T-Shirts

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